Stairlifts Grant Application

If you should have a disability, or perhaps you’re elderly and have difficulty getting up a down your stairs, you could be eligible for a HSE grant for the disabled or a grant for stairlifts for the elderly.

These grants will cover stairlift purchase and installation.

Here are some helpful steps to guide you through the process:

Stair-lift Grant Application Steps

Step 1: Do You Qualify For The Scheme?

The grant can be paid to people living in:

  • An owner occupied house
  • Private rented accommodation
  • Houses being bought from a local authority under the Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Acommodation provided under the voluntary housing Capital Assistance and Rental Subsidy
  • Accommodation occupied by people living in communal residences


Step 2: Complete the Stairlift Application form from your relevant County Council


  • Cork City Council
  • Clare County Council
  • Kerry County Council
  • Limerick City Council
  • Limerick County Council
  • Tipperary County Council
  • Waterford County Council


  • Galway City Council
  • Galway County Council
  • Leitrim County Council
  • Mayo County Council
  • Roscommon County Council
  • Sligo County Council
  • Sligo Borough Council


  • Cavan County Council
  • Donegal County Council
  • Monaghan County Council

If you don’t access to a printer, fill in the form below and we can send one in the post.

Step 3: Return the completed application to the relevant County Council office


The Housing Adaptation Grant Scheme

The Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability is designed to help people have works done which are reasonably necessary to make a house more suitable for a person with a disability to live in. The person’s disability must be lasting and involve physical, sensory, mental health or intellectual impairment.  The types of works covered include the fitting of access ramps, downstairs toilet, stairlifts, level access showers, changes to allow wheelchair access, extensions, and any other works which are reasonable necessary to make a house more suitable for a person with a disability to live in.

The Mobility Aids Housing Grant Scheme

The Mobility Aids Housing Grant Scheme covers a basic range of works and is designed to assist people with mobility issues.  The works covered include grab rails, access ramps, level access showers, stair-lifts, and other small works reasonably necessary to make a house more suitable for a person with mobility problems to live in.


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