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Curved Stairlifts

Need a Stairlift with a curve or turn?

Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stair lifts are custom-made units that are designed for stairways that are complex. Staircases that have intermediate landings, curves, or turns, can be fitted with a custom-made curved stair lift. Because the curves and or turns of every stairway are different, the rail must be precisely designed by one of our manufacturers. Stairlifts Access proudly offers curved rail stairlifts from the top manufacturers in the industry: Minivator and Acorn. To ensure a perfect fit, one of our stairlift experts will come to your home to take pictures of the stairs that. Those pictures are then sent over to the manufacturer so that they can start building the rail.

  • Staircases with curves or turns
  • A staircase with an intermediate landing
  • Pie-shaped staircases
  • Spiral Staircases
  • A straight staircase when an overrun is needed at the top or bottom for the user to safely get off or onto the chair

Stairlifts that go around corners

Designed for curved stairs or staircases with landings, each Bruno curved stairlift rail is custom-made to fit your home perfectly and offer unparalled performance.

Curved stair lifts can be fitted to just about any staircase, including stairs that go around a corner, have a landing half way up or even spiral staircases. We take precise measurements of your stairs to make sure the stairlift we make fits them perfectly. That way we can be sure your stairlift hugs the edge of your stairs, taking up less room on your staircase and following the turns it makes evenly. It might not be as straightforward as you might think to determine if you need a straight or curved stairlift so give us a call and together, we can work out exactly what would fit your house.

Stair lifts that turn

A curved stairlift is designed to the specific shape of a staircase’s landings, turns, and curves, providing continuous travel up and down numerous different staircase paths.

Curved chairlifts are usually custom ordered to fit staircases that cover more than two levels. They are a little more complicated than straight stairlifts and are typically custom ordered, requiring a more advanced installation than straight stairlifts. Our team of professionals is fully trained and well-equipped to handle the installation of this type of stairlift. They can also install a custom version to suit the needs and tastes of the customer.

Bend your stair lift

A stair lift is an over-the stairs lifting device that offers a safe, dependable and comfortable way of overcoming the problems that people with physical impairments have with using their stairs. Stair lifts are an economical way to transport you or your loved one up staircases inside or outside of the home. The chair runs on a rail that is mounted to the tread of the stairs and glides the rider up and down the stairs. Whether the staircase is straight, curved or ornate, there is a stair lift solution available. Features of the stair lifts installs include slim tracks, large comfortable seats and easy to control switches. Our products have numerous safety features as well. The stair lifts we install are attractive and look discreet in your home. They cause minimal obstruction on the stairs, allowing others to use the staircase freely when the stair lifts are folded. Some manufactures offer color options.
These lifts are designed for curved stairway constructions such as spherical stairs, or switchback stairs. It needs a longer time to install and the price is relatively high compared to straight stair lifts. The stair lift features can be custom-built. When you want to purchase a curved stairlift, ensure that it has all standard safety features as well as features that provide comfort, convenience and ease-of-use.

Curved Stair lifts – Need One For Your Home?

Any stairlifts specialist that hopes to stay in business should regard its customers as its most valuable asset. The most successful businesses keep customers’ needs, preferences, and expectations at the center of everything they do. Not every stairlift company recognizes the clear link between being customer-focused and long-term profitability. To make sure you have an exemplary customer experience, observe these general rules for selecting a dependable service provider.

Results focused business will ensure customer service is helpful. You may rate them highly with regard to equipment or customer support. Such businesses are not so wedded to standard procedures that they’re unwilling to adjust delivery times, personnel availability, and cost to accomplish a time-sensitive job.

While many potential customers focus on pricing, delivery speeds, and also other factors when choosing a service provider, few consider the importance of selecting one with integrity. Businesses that re known for integrity always conduct business in an ethical manner and do not cheat their customers in almost any way. Highly ethical businesses are quick to correct any errors and resolve any customer issues to the prospect’s satisfaction.

Selecting a business with a high reliability rating will keep things organized and completed on time. Conversely, the extra money an unreliable stairlifts specialists will cost you in rework can make even an organized project stressful. That is why it’s not worth hiring an unreliable stairlifts company, whether or not it charges low rates. Make sure you check references to effectively ensure you are landing a good hire.

Whenever you can, hire a stairlift specialists that’s bonded and insured to work on a project. If Stairlifts Access fails to finish the job agreed upon, its insurance will cover any losses you would otherwise have taken. This knowledge will allow you to know that you’re covered and have no worries.

A business that is trustworthy focuses on correcting problems. Cultivating a client’s trust is certainly an ongoing process that is almost always evolving. Never let your business grow stagnant or stale, because you risk losing customers if you do.

Knowing a curved stairlifts specialists’s values and guiding principles can be very helpful when deciding whether or never to do business with it. Knowing small details like dress code or delivery times could allow you valuable insight. Anytime you work with or for a business, it’s a transaction that should benefit both sides. Therefore it’s necessary to understand as much as you could about how a business operates before you agree to do business with it.

It’s easy to trust a curved stair lifts specialists known around town for its reliability. To verify this hard-earned reputation, ask former clients of the business how satisfied they were with the work. Your local Chamber of Commerce might also have helpful info about Stairlifts Access.

Before you begin researching companies to complete a job for you, make a list of all the qualities and criteria you need. If you need to have even the most stressful project seem like a breeze, hire the best stair lifts specialists available to deal with the project. Many companies may claim to be able to offer you what you want, but do not sign any contract until you’ve verified those claims. Observe the following advice for deciding on the right stairlifts company to fulfill your needs.

Whenever possible, companies should make it easy for their customers to leave feedback. Developing long-term relationships with customers is essential to survive in the business world, so make it one of your top priorities. Communication of any form strengthens a stair-lifts specialists’s relationship with customers, which leads to greater customer loyalty and increased profits.

Even though companies have dozens or hundreds of customers to support, they need to treat each person like the only customer that matters if they want to be successful. To accomplish this goal, businesses should make their customers their top priority. Because relationships mean as much in business as they do in the rest of life, make a commitment to keeping your customers satisfied.

Don’t forget to check online for relevant reviews and data about a business. While watching stairlifts specialists personnel on a job similar to yours, ask the client how satisfied she has been with the work done thus far. Use that info and factor it into the decision process to make a better choice.

Believe it or not, Facebook and LinkedIn pages are valuable resources for people researching which companies to work with for a project. Facebook pages are typically considerably more useful than Twitter feeds. Look for online reviews of any stairlift specialists under consideration, searching Facebook and also other social media, and make sure they are predominantly positive. Hiring a bad stairlifts installer can turn out to be an expensive mistake.

The strength of a curved stairway lifts specialists’s brand depends on the strength of its relationships with customers. Customer care representatives are integral members of any stairlifts firms professional staff, with a unique set of customer interaction and problem-solving skills. They make every effort never to give customers a reason to take their business to a competitor.

The best businesses have relationships with customers that will last even through difficult times. Superior customer relations protocols really are a central principle of most successful businesses. Moreover, they understand that they need to focus on developing customer relations over time and not rush the complex process.

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